Why didn’t you do that for us, Mama?

We were watching tv, and a commercial came on for pull up diapers/nappies. It was literal explosions of confetti, a disco ball spinning webs of light around the room, and two parents dancing and applauding.

S asked, ‘Why didn’t you do that for us?’

I replied, ‘Do what? Teach you how to use the potty?’

‘Yeah. Me and M figured it out by ourselves. Why didn’t you do it for us?’

‘Well, S, some people believe that children can’t learn stuff without a grown up teaching them or telling them how to do it. I don’t think that way. I believe children, even very small children, can figure out a lot of stuff by themselves.  And if they need help, then grown ups can help. But I do believe kids are capable of figuring out lots of stuff on their own.’

She nodded. ‘Yeah, I believe that, too.’



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