Hello. I’m Alison, the author of this blog. I’m married to the rather wonderful Suzy – well, civil partnered, though that’ll change to legal marriage next year – and we have two amazing kids.

I was born and raised in America, where I had settled into a career in the summer camp field…but then Suzy came over from the UK. A solid friendship blossomed into love, and I moved across the world in 2000/2001, much to my mother’s horror!

We were together for almost ten years when we decided it was finally time to add to the family.

During pregnancy, their heads were jammed up against each other the whole time. (Ow, my ribs!) They are still best friends, and seeing them with each other makes me marvel at the wonders of twinship every day. He’s M, she’s S. For now.

Suzy works with young people now. I was a counsellor and adored it, but am now on the world’s longest career break to home educate the kids and pursue my writing career.

Welcome to our story.


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