We did all this in an hour! (And ate popcorn while we did it.)

S has had a bit of a cold/cough/congestion the past couple of days, and today she said she felt poorly. So we decided to stay home.

She asked if we could build something, so we got out our huge box of scrap shop supplies…and then she just kept coughing. Our friends told us about a cool germ experiment, so we did that….and then just kept going.


germ experiment

We talked about how you can’t see germs with the naked eye, and agreed to pretend that glitter was germs. Squeezed glitter glue onto hands and everyone rubbed in in so it was spread everywhere. Then we tested ways to get the ‘germs’ off our hands.

Clapping our hands together didn’t work. Neither did plain running water. But soap and water got the stuff right off! This led to discussion about hand washing in general….I must say, I’m relieved it worked. Was a bit amazed the plain water did nothing!


Used small plastic pots as our base. Kids decorated with red tissue paper and orange wire/string stuff. Then we added vinegar and baking powder!

Wasn’t as big or impressive as I’d hoped, but then I didn’t research it very well. Did make cool bubbling noises, and looked a bit more interesting with red food colouring added.

Was also excellent for sacrificing poor lego people in the lava.


The volcano thing led to a much loved activity – going through the cupboards to find stuff to mix into our already rancid stale volcano soup. Dumped it into large bowl and let them have free access to the spices….and coffee…and marmite.

THIS IS THE ULTIMATE ACTIVITY. But perhaps not for those with strong gag reflexes!

Both said it was like being at the science museum, and it was suggested that ‘perhaps we will be scientists soon, as we keep doing more experiments.’


M found some shiny gold paper and said we needed to make a pyramid, like the Eygptians had, and cover it in gold. No idea what sparked this, but the use of grown up scissors, various types of tape, and Shreddies boxes made this a very fun thing to make. And it looks awesome.

It makes me feel like I imagine parents who take Pinterest seriously might feel upon completion of a cool project, right before they open a pyramid themed Etsy shop.