Our house is still standing.

Well, our flimsy scarecrow is still standing.

I was unable to sleep last night in expectation for the storm, but finally succumbed around three am before waking up at six. Our area wasn’t hit too badly, though apparently 7000 homes in the wider area lost power. I slept through the storm.

It’s still happening now, in London, which is where my sister lives (her Facebook statuses are rather bemused and focusing on the fact that it just seems like ‘a normal windy day’). A tree was just downed by winds in South London, causing a gas line rupture and explosion. I hope the picture of the house tweeted by the London fire brigade was empty, because it is gone.

One fourteen year old boy who was playing in the sea was swept away last night. They have given up the search. This morning, a seventeen year old girl was killed by a tree falling on her static home, where she was sleeping.

Wind speeds of 99 mph were documented in certain areas of the UK. Flooding has happened (and with the rain currently chucking down here, I would suspect it will get worse) and lots of tree branches have been blown off.

So, that’s the summary. A few really awful things, including loss of life, but by and large the UK suffered minimal damage. I hope all of you, and your friends and family, are okay. We all slept through what was the worst of the storm and a glance out our windows shows nothing out of the ordinary. I know other areas weren’t so lucky.