Excellent freebie for a rainy day!!

We get lots of great freebie and bargain ideas from local and national Facebook groups. One recently recommended was to subscribe to Everything Curriculum magazine. You’d think I’d not be interested in anything with ‘curriculum’ in the title, but this is fab. 

You get a free subscription to a magazine of resources – which admittedly I haven’t yet looked at – along with a big parcel stuffed with free games and activities. 

We received a colouring book about art, a maths activity book, two Brainbox games (one about the countries of the world, one about Roald Dahl books!), a Stone Age to the Iron Age snap game, a music snap game about sight reading, and a phonics game all about animals. 


We all liked the animal game, which involves impersonating animals and has adorable wooden animals as the player pieces. You can play it in the easier mode or a harder option. S and I also had fun with both Brain Box games. 

We’ve yet to test out the other stuff, but everything is really well made and relevant. I’d probably order related things in future. 

So sign up! You must live in the UK and be a home educator, or a school employee responsible for ordering curriculum. This is exclusively for primary aged children…or so they say. 




Bargains! Bristol and otherwise.

Two great bargains I had to share.

First, the Bristol Zoo is offering entrance for five pounds to children who bring fruit or veg for the animals. It’s advertised as ‘Five a day February,’ but I’m not clear if it is only for half term or the whole month. A friend has advised me this is also the price for home educators in general, so it is worth checking it out…we have membership and were told there was no HE discount. But perhaps there is for day entries!

We love this zoo and have spent many, many hours there. Will do a proper post, but definitely recommend checking it out.


Next, an unexpected bargain. While we were waiting for passport pictures to be printed, we had a wander round Keynsham. Of course we ended up in the Entertainer, and decided to get each kid a Lego mini figure. Imagine our joy at the till to find out that if you spend five or more pounds on Lego, you get a free Lego set! The lady at the till kindly slipped us TWO sets, a helicopter for each child.

This was the kids’ first time properly following the instructions and building a set mostly on their own. They have been playing with the helicopters since we got home! Totally chuffed to get unexpected free Lego. Assume this is happening at Entertainers across the country in relation to the release of the movie. It wasn’t promoted in the shop at all, so we were pleasantly surprised to get free stuff. Might just be a half term thing, so check out your local shop quickly!

If you know of other local or national bargains, tweet me or leave a comment so I can share them with other families. Thanks!