I joined Intagram years ago, posted about seven photos, then disappeared. Partly because i was poor and had a shit phone, partly because I’m well and truly sucked into facebook, partly because I didn’t see the point.

Then I started a daily, ongoing scavenger hunt with my children. We find things that are surprising, beautiful, weird.

So I went back to Instagram – but am too technologically stupid to know how to link to my account. My username is alisonmariemay, with the colourful t rex profile picture.

I posted some of the stuff we found. Things that delighted me, things I did not expect, things I noticed.

And it’s occurred to me: this is nothing more than a glorified gratitude journal. For I am grateful for the unexpected rhino covered in sequins, visible from the roof of a parking garage in Birmingham. I am aware of how awesome the stepping stones across a river, leading to a really old castle look. I am laughing when I find weird altars of animal bones on my children’s chest of drawers.

Again, I don’t know how to link. But come find me if you want. I am finding more purpose and more gratitude every time I find something that makes me laugh, or say ‘what the fuck,’ or just makes me more curious. So in that way, this little Instagram account with essentially no followers makes me thankful. It’s colourful, and honest, and full of tiny moments I probably wouldn’t think much about if I didn’t post the pictures.

But sometimes life is about the sparkly heart sticker you find in the park, sometimes it is about finding a tiny moment of joy so that you may survive the larger moments of darkness.


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