Snappy snippets.


‘M, you were not born to be mean. You were born to be nice, like me.’ -S

‘I wouldn’t kick them to death, sweetheart. If you do that you won’t be getting grapes, you’ll be in prison.’ – me


‘I treat bumpers like they were meant to be bumped.’ – my friend who made me a gorgeous omelette (heaven), and then a few hours later had to rescue me when I was totally wedged in on her road (hell)


‘(Says anything relating to any conversation here and then concludes with) OR WHAT?’ – M


‘Was that a dance, or did you just fall?’ Asked to me by another friend, who heard my feet scrambling for purchase in the gravel filled hole I fell in. I love that she knows I may just started dancing.

I also never want to forget the numb look of panic/incomprehension on a cafe worker’s face when we asked if they had ice cream. She just froze in place, not blinking, and after about thirty seconds said, ‘Normal ice cream?’ before rummaging in a freezer (and I saw her touch an ice cream container) before saying that no, there was no ice cream. We spent the next forty minutes outside all taking turns trying to buy ice cream from each other and practicing not blinking or making facial expressions.


My bestie of old: ‘S, what does the fox say?’

S: …….. ‘Do you know what vanilla ice cream and strawberries taste like?’


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