Babywearing twins (or siblings!): two in one wrap.

I’ve got a whole list of ‘prerequisites.’ By that I mean, posts I feel like I need to write before I can work up to the concept of all the differing and fabulous ways of babywearing more than one kid at a time. But it’s this big backlog and feeling of ‘I ought to’ that chokes me. So, much like babywearing can be, I’m skipping right to a tandem wearing post!

I believe this carry was invented by a mama named Wraparoundjoy, but I could be wrong. I was overexcited and made this babywearing video on what must have been only my third attempt at this carry. I got much better as time went on, but never made another video. So, apologies for that!

I believe this is called the ‘wiggleproof’ – whether that refers only to the back carry shown or the entire thing, I don’t know. What I do know is this is a solid, comfortable carry that is a lot easier than you might imagine. You will probably need a wrap about a size up from your normal size if your babies are big or are actually toddlers!

This is obviously the carry to use if you’ll be wearing for awhile – say, a walk, or shopping, or just needing to get somewhere. It’s not convenient for getting one kid down and popping them back in, so consider this the ‘pushchair’ of wrap carries.

If you are not familiar with back carries, it is best to practice a back cross carry before attempting this one! A baby on the back should be seated much like one on the front – plenty of fabric under the bum, legs spread, knees up in line with the bum.

With no further ado (but with absolute recognition that you can’t see how I am preparing babies on the floor for a back carry, and I think I WILL make an update video on that, either using a toy or a four year old as the ‘baby’!):

Do let me know if this brings up any questions for you, and I will try to answer either directly in the comments or in a new post. Happy Friday, and have fun experimenting with this awesome tandem carry!


3 thoughts on “Babywearing twins (or siblings!): two in one wrap.

  1. Oh, I got so distracted by the cute that I had to watch it twice!

    Also, this is timely–my boys should be showing up any day, and I’ve been totally slacking on learning the carries. Two questions–first, how do I figure out how big of a wrap I need? I’m average weight, but tall, and have no idea how to account for two babies. Any ideas on sizing? And secondly, could you put the fabric wrapped across your belly up over your daughter’s bum to hold her in more, or does she not need it.

    • I have an X across my chest before my daughter is put in, and both arms of the X are pulled up!

      An average sized person would normally take a size six wrap. I was bigger – so used a seven. Though the wrap in this video was an eight!

      If the wrap is longer than you need it doesn’t make the carry too much harder, and you can just let a bit dangle once it is tied. Too small, and it’s tough. I could wear both babies in a seven quite comfortably when they were under one, though!

  2. I’m always in such awe when I watch these videos! You have two and you managed to fanangle a wrap for both! Knowing my luck, I’d have to be over the world’s softest featherbed before I tried anything like this!

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