Today. Remembering rest is very, very important, too.

I really really want to hop on a bus and go to this one market in town. It has all sorts of stalls selling all sorts of things, including a wonderful, funky vegan cafe. I want to go there with the kids and get them some decadent chocolate thing.

Then wander around, listen to street musicians. Maybe play in the fountains. Or take a long boat ride.

There is a lot to see and do, but today we are staying home yet again because my pelvis/coccyx/spine still isn’t quite right. This too shall pass, right?

I do love days where we stay in, maybe because they are so rare. Yesterday we missed pottery and a park home ed meet, but the kids spent a lot of time outdoors with their Grampy, building a bee house and planting wildflowers. In the afternoon friends came over. S and her little pal went up to my room with popcorn and Lady and the Tramp. M and his friend played a bit of minecraft, took a bunch of Lego outside, got rained on.

We painted some faces. Got hot in the sunshine, and then chilly in the house. Gave friends a tour of the Baby Animal Club. Swung from branches in the front garden. They also did some phonics apps, and M read a few words!

So you see, even when we stay in, there is lots to do.

But still, as the sunshine pours down and the temperature is expected to be roasty and lovely, it’s hard to not hop on a bus and go see where it takes us.


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