The element of surprise is one of my favourite ones! Waaaay better than Barium or Ununoctium.

Allowing yourself opportunities to be surprised, to recognise and celebrate those moments, well. It’s powerful.

I like home ed because the kids can follow an interest …and spend as much time as they want. They have loads of time to play and explore and just be. And it means I am often handed a picture like the one the one in the last post ! I am open mouthed, I am touched, I am laughing, I am unsure what to say.

Surprise can catch us off balance, and what an opportunity it offers to step outside of our normal, every day perceptions of the world, our routine way of doing things.

Sometimes it is handed to us on a platter, and sometimes (this is the trickier bit!) we have to allow ourselves a chance to be surprised. This can be by saying yes – not just to the children, but to your self , your relationship, your circumstances.

This is what I want to do more of. Every time I venture out, every time I embrace adventure, I am left feeling stronger, more whole, more joyful. And yet I still have trouble opening myself to surprise!

So today, I say yes. I act on that thought I have, I try to believe in myself just that little bit more, I have fun….and if a surprise comes along, I am grateful for it.


Happy days.

Yes, I’m doing that 100 happy days thing. I may be a lemming, but it’s been fun.

A few months ago I bought a cheerful yellow small journal to record bits of my ordinary life that filled me with gratitude. I see this project as an extension of that, and also a good chance to practice following something through to completion!

The first seventeen days:






Creative communities of women.

I made (correction: am making) a list of 100 things I want to do this year. Some big, some small, some silly, some far fetched.

One of the far fetched ones was to find a circle, a community to safely explore myself/others/life on a more philosophical, spiritual, creative level. A place to learn, a place to grow. It’s been something I’ve wanted for awhile, but didn’t have any idea how to go about it.

Most people see me as exceptionally confident. I suppose, to a certain extent, that is true…especially the older I get. That being said, I’m not confident enough to rock up to a moot, random meetup, etc on my own. I feel more confident staying home and watching social documentaries about grown men who love My Little Ponies (have you seen Bronies? I found it surprisingly touching!).

A few weeks after writing this down as a goal for the year – in a few forms – wanting a training circle, wanting to find teachers/mentors, wanting to create more, wanting to help form a supportive community – I was sent a Facebook invite to a select, small group of women. I’d met none in person before, but had been FB friends with one for awhile (who I ‘met’ on a pagan parenting group….again, a place I had wanted to go many times but had never done so). I felt privileged to have been invited, and even more so when I read the posts and saw the images these women shared.

Truly creative, caring, intuitive, generous, beautiful women. And so when one of them suggested an actual meet up, I surprised myself by saying yes. Enthusiastically.

Last night was the meet. Five of us gathered in a warm, safe space to eat cakes, get to know each other, and share information you wouldn’t normally share with strangers (outside of a therapeutic space, anyway!) It felt surprisingly easy. It was good to laugh. It was good to voice thoughts that had been swirling in my head for weeks, it was powerful to hear others voice thoughts I agreed so strongly with. The fragile threads of trust were already being spun, and I just felt so grateful.

Grateful I was asked to join, grateful I said yes. Sometimes all you have to do is say yes, to live the yes and just show up, to give something new a chance and see what happens. I can’t wait till next month, when perhaps the creating will shift from verbal to physical. I suspect having a place to bring my heavy manuscripts will be powerful – even if they just sit in my bag and soak up the healing, supportive, creative, powerful energies of potential.

Babywearing twins, take two!


I used to have a blog specifically on how to babywear twins. It features plenty of awkward videos of a sleep deprived, house bound me attempting to show you how we did things.

It’s been awhile since I tandem wore the kids, but various sites on the internet still track me down to ask questions. So I thought I would migrate some posts here! Some new content, too, but also a lot of just bring the old posts straight over here.


Earlier this week while at gymnastics, a woman walked in with a baby on her front and a toddler on her back. And using wraps! I was so excited I ended up approaching her and telling her how great it was to see someone tandem wearing their kids. She said it was her first ever time doing it, and she’d been nervous, and I told her she looked awesome. And her kids looked so happy.


It feels nice to help other people feel good.

Thought I’d share some babywearing pics to get you in the mood….will try to put up a babywearing post once a week. If you have any specific requests or questions, do let me know. Who knows. Maybe I’ll even film some new videos and show you how to babywear four and a half year olds!