The element of surprise is one of my favourite ones! Waaaay better than Barium or Ununoctium.

Allowing yourself opportunities to be surprised, to recognise and celebrate those moments, well. It’s powerful.

I like home ed because the kids can follow an interest …and spend as much time as they want. They have loads of time to play and explore and just be. And it means I am often handed a picture like the one the one in the last post ! I am open mouthed, I am touched, I am laughing, I am unsure what to say.

Surprise can catch us off balance, and what an opportunity it offers to step outside of our normal, every day perceptions of the world, our routine way of doing things.

Sometimes it is handed to us on a platter, and sometimes (this is the trickier bit!) we have to allow ourselves a chance to be surprised. This can be by saying yes – not just to the children, but to your self , your relationship, your circumstances.

This is what I want to do more of. Every time I venture out, every time I embrace adventure, I am left feeling stronger, more whole, more joyful. And yet I still have trouble opening myself to surprise!

So today, I say yes. I act on that thought I have, I try to believe in myself just that little bit more, I have fun….and if a surprise comes along, I am grateful for it.



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