Babywearing twins, take two!


I used to have a blog specifically on how to babywear twins. It features plenty of awkward videos of a sleep deprived, house bound me attempting to show you how we did things.

It’s been awhile since I tandem wore the kids, but various sites on the internet still track me down to ask questions. So I thought I would migrate some posts here! Some new content, too, but also a lot of just bring the old posts straight over here.


Earlier this week while at gymnastics, a woman walked in with a baby on her front and a toddler on her back. And using wraps! I was so excited I ended up approaching her and telling her how great it was to see someone tandem wearing their kids. She said it was her first ever time doing it, and she’d been nervous, and I told her she looked awesome. And her kids looked so happy.


It feels nice to help other people feel good.

Thought I’d share some babywearing pics to get you in the mood….will try to put up a babywearing post once a week. If you have any specific requests or questions, do let me know. Who knows. Maybe I’ll even film some new videos and show you how to babywear four and a half year olds!


8 thoughts on “Babywearing twins, take two!

  1. I’m excited about this! Babywearing is something I really love (the idea of – I don’t have any babies to wear yet) and I’d like to know more about it, especially as I’m hoping to be a health visitor and am training to be a midwife so it’d be professionally useful too!

    • Brilliant! Well, you’ve given me another reason to make sure I keep up with my goal of a babywearing post a week. And the more midwives and health visitors who know about it, the better!

  2. I love babywearing! I tried tandem wearing with my toddler and 6 month old but didn’t find it very comfortable for long periods of time, especially if you are standing still. Maybe if I walk around more I will like it. You’ve inspired me to give it another go!

  3. Ah this is great! I wear my now 7month twins and have done from the start. Just done my babywearing consultancy training and set up a Facebook group Twin Sling to support twin mums to carry their babies….and we are a two mama family too 🙂

    • Oh, cool! Nice to ‘meet’ you. Will take a look at your group. I have a facebook group, too, though I admit I very rarely post there anymore. I think you actually posted a link to yours there this past week and I thought, ‘Oh, I must have a look at that!’

    • Thank you. I have a GLUT of babywearing pictures that I will be sharing. I just loved it so much I wanted to remember it forever!

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