Coming soon….

So, I have lots of ideas of stuff I’d like to include in this blog. One is a series of posts on the ‘best of Bristol’….and wherever else we happen to hang out. There are so many amazing places we’ve discovered, some obvious and some more obscure. I also recently asked on my personal Facebook page for people to offer suggestions on their favourite quirky/mainstream/outdoor/indoor/old/new places, and I’ve got a few new ideas from there as well. I like the idea of my blog being able to help other families/individuals find new places to adore and explore!

Speaking of Facebook, the blog does have a Facebook page. Every blog update is posted there, plus one or two thoughts/pictures a day. I’d like to have another enriching way to while away my time, so please do click and like it! (And share. Ha.)

I’m also getting back into the world of Twitter. My username there is @alisonmariemay and I welcome meeting new people, as well as chatting to old friends.

The other thing I’m thinking of adding to this blog are some posts on babywearing, if anyone would find that useful? Once upon a time, I had a popular(ish) blog on babywearing twins, and I’ve got some popular(ish) videos on youtube showing how to do various carries for both singletons, twins, or two children of different ages. Is that something you guys would like? I’ve got loads of posts I can transfer over, maybe one every couple of weeks? I have a Facebook page for babywearing twins that I don’t add anything to anymore, but people are still joining. So I suspect there may be a few mums/dads of multiples interested in the subject!

I was borderline obsessive about babywearing back when my two were younger, so again, the idea of sharing such a great thing with other people would bring me joy.

Is there anything else you would like to see? Or questions you would like me to answer? Ideas for blog posts? Please don’t be shy.

When M and S were under a year old, I had a lot of time to be online. Everyone says the first year of twins is comparable to hell on earth, but I loved it. They slept a lot, usually on me, and I twittered and tweeted my time away! And when they were awake, well, it was mostly loads of fun and firsts.

I don’t know what happened. Ages 1, 2, and 3 seemed to hit me for a loop. Every day feels so busy and intense, and when Suzy gets home I tend to run away and hide upstairs….far far away from wanting to blog. Age 3, though, is when some of life started returning to normal. We actually celebrated Halloween and did projects/crafts/stuff around various holidays. Prior to pretty recently, as my dear wife says, we had time for very little. Nothing extra, only survival.

Age four is looking pretty awesome, I have to say.

I think blogging is coming back for me, which hopefully is a good sign that I’m getting some time and space (emotional, not just physical) back to myself to use in ways I find enriching.


I’ll be blogging soon, and don’t forget to leave suggestions/questions/comments below. They’ll be a help!


4 thoughts on “Coming soon….

  1. I really like the idea of a “best of Bristol” series. Even if I don’t live nearby or have my own children to take to these amazing places, I love reading about the amazing things on offer over there.

    Speaking of amazing things, shame we’re not over already as one of our friends shared a link on FB about day returns from the Isle of Wight to many southern cities – including Bristol – for under £20 per adult (which is cheaper than the ferry fare to even get to the mainland!). Hoping that offer resurfaces after we move over and then we can visit amazing places from your “best of Bristol” series. 😉

  2. Hello! I was looking for twin babywearing ideas and was pretty chuffed (to break out my long-lost Britishisms) that the first two links both took me to lesbian mom blogs that I hadn’t found before. I’m so pleased to learn about your lovely family! And any advice on how to get two of them safely dragged around without a stroller would be much appreciated–I’ve got two boys due this summer and we wore their older sister a lot (still do when it’s not a million degrees below zero out). 🙂

    • I suspect the other blog you found is also mine!! Ha. Not that we claim to be the only lesbians into babywearing, but I’ve run some blogs specifically on the subject!! Pleased to hear from you. You’ve spurred me on to get up the first babywearing post, and more will follow. Check out the latest post! And if you let me know what sort of slings you already have, I bet you have what you need to wear two babies already!

      • No, funnily enough it was someone completely different–I forget her name since my reader wouldn’t let me add it, so I’ll have to go searching again to find her. Clearly there is a niche market! I’ve got a Boba that has been ok, but is only comfortable on the front (which sucks with an almost 2 year old) and when she was little we used a snuggi pretty exclusively–I liked that it was less stretchy than the moby one of my friends had lent me. I have a converted ring sling that I never got the hang of, and am open (at least theoretically) to shelling out for a woven wrap, but I couldn’t swing getting two of them, I don’t think. Thanks for bringing back the wearing stuff! I’m excited to read it! But I also like your regular stuff–it’s nice to see how people handle kids older than mine so I can have some ideas for when I get to those stages. 🙂

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