Like being loved unconditionally by a piece of fabric.

Reader, what is the current joy in my life? The revolution that is changing my day and will probably change the rest of my life?

It isn’t making up blues songs about reindeer while playing with glue. It’s not the moment of watching S attempt to write her name on her own for the first time. It’s not watching M grow in confidence enough to play Minecraft without me actually at the reins.

It isn’t fleece lined boots. Or the fact that as we have no place to be today, we can stay home (thank you universe).

IT IS MY ROBE. Or my dressing gown, if you prefer.

I’ve been crazily ill (sick enough to stay in bed all day and cry while watching Netflix, not sick enough that I couldn’t watch Netflix for thirteen straight hours) with strep throat. Took the decision to get antibiotics as it was a bad case and, yeah, I had scarlet fever as a kid and didn’t want to repeat that. Then I had a freaking allergic reaction to penicillin – it should be noted that my pal M also had one a couple of months ago. I blame him. Don’t you end up with some of your kids’ DNA floating around in your body as a result of pregnancy? I’m sure I read that somewhere…

So I’m off the penicillin and ON some alternatives that are The Pain Givers. You don’t want me to go into more detail than that. Trust me.

Today I felt pretty okay when I woke up. I showered, took 23738 years to comb out my hair that had turned into a giant dreadlock, put on normal clothes (okay, and pyjama bottoms. Big pink ones.) and came downstairs. Been playing with kids, then felt a bit chilly. Went upstairs to grab a sweatshirt and saw my thick robe.


There is no turning back.

This is the best experience I’ve ever had. It’s like being wrapped in a warming hug. Like the fluffiest blanket ever is gripping onto me of its own volition. It is magical and I don’t think I feel this way just because I’ve been ill.

No, I think I want to wear my robe every day. And pyjama bottoms, oy. When I was getting my first degree a loooonnng time ago, I wore pyjama bottoms every day. Suzy was particularly horrified when she was visiting once and I wore pj bottoms with rubber ducks all over them to the mall.

But S clearly has the right idea with this only wearing pjs thing. Even M is now into wearing pj tops. I think I am being pulled into that direction.





2 thoughts on “Like being loved unconditionally by a piece of fabric.

  1. I am with you on this! I just got home cold and wet from the miserable weather and got straight into my pyjamas and dressing gown. It’s so warm and snuggly! I hope you feel better soon – but not so much better that you don’t have an excuse to wear nightwear during the day!

  2. Glad you’re recovering, sorry to her you were so awfully sick.
    I’d just love to wear my down filled coat all day at home… Like being under the duvet but able to move around …bliss.

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