M’s letter to Santa.

wrfgyyhuuhhhbbvvvggfxssrrrdreertyhyyuyuuiiikkkjhhhnnnnnnmmfvffccccddfdff6hmmmm  nnnnnnnnnnvvxxzzz\sdsdffggggggggggffddfddeeweeerrfsddffghgggvbbbbb    b nnnhjubb78999kknnbnnnnnnnnnnnnbbbbcccvvccdcvvcffcgghghgbbnnnnnnmjjnjioiiuuu 7jjkkkkkkummmm,m,,,,jhbhbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbffffgvgggggggggg n6789sxxcccxfvxxg bnmmmmnnbbhggggfdffvcvvvvbbbn  nnnn vvvvcccxzzxcxcxxxxxxcccvvbb bbnnnnmjjhhgggffdsawwrrtgyhuiio444567789900000ggbbbbbbb ggvgtfffffgggggggggjj ujkjjjjj jhnhhhhjjjjjjjjjjjuhhhuuu uuyuyytyyhhhhjhgvcxdxdsz\srftuuiiii9 8054se1dxzvbn nmm

Points to screen. This means Boba Fett? And Frank.

Then I need to write about all the telepods playsets. I need them. Special Angry Birds telepods. I’m going to put a lot of ‘m’s.

Then some numbers, the ones that say which telepod playsets they are.

Tippy tappy.

I need to make sure I write all the playsets down. Here’s a ‘v’. And a ‘b.’ I need lots of ‘b’s.

No, wait! I not brush my teeth yet! I’m working on my letter! Let me just write down a few more playsets.

One, two, three….etc…..SEVENTEEN!

There, okay. I’m done. I wrote it all down for Santa.


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