The first day of no school!


We like to explore, to see new places….or to delight in old places. This fountain is one we have seen dozens of times, one we have dipped our feet in at the lowest level. On this particular day, the kids began to wade out to the middle of the steps and climb.

My parents were visiting from America, and we were waiting for a boat to pull in and take us on a tour of the harbour. We’d already eaten outside at a pub, wandered around looking at Gromits (the subject of a future post, no doubt!), and danced along to street musicians.

And did I ‘let’ them explore this wet, wonderful fountain with slippery steps and the potential for cracked heads? I didn’t let them do anything. They decided it was worth conquering, I thought it seemed like an awesome idea, and off they went.

At just turned four, my children are delighting in exploring the world, at making everything we do an adventure. The younger version of them might have asked me to come into that fountain, but this version? Off they ran, climbing to the very top and back down again.

Their contemporaries were putting on school uniforms for the first time and heading off to school, but these two were splashing and laughing, sunshine pouring down over them. I suppose all children this age are trying something new, stepping out into a wider world – the difference being, we aren’t limited by four walls.

We can climb, we can trust in ourselves to create a day (and life) we like, we can explore anywhere we happen to be.


3 thoughts on “The first day of no school!

  1. I love that you’ve decided to try out a new, non-anonymous blog. Looking so forward to what’s to come.

    Also, I totally would’ve climbed in that fountain with them. šŸ™‚ Whenever I think about my future children, I realize that I want to be the parent that you are. ā¤

    • That must be the ultimate compliment? When you move here we need to spend more than five hours together! We need to stomp on mud and find unexpected things around corners.

      • Yes yes yes! One of our first excursions off the island needs to be a proper visit to Bristol for a few days and M & S, you, & Suzy can all show us the amazing treasures you’ve discovered! šŸ™‚

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